Marty Stallone Shares 7 Tips for to Bulk Up During Football Offseason

Marty Stallone is a leader in the workout industry. Below, he shares his seven best tips on how to bulk up during the football offseason.

#1 Eating carbs and proteins are very important to becoming fit for football season. The high importance of protein is that it gives your body the valuable amino acids to create muscle. Muscle is very important for the game of football as everyone knows. You must be very strong in order to play if you want to be successful. Carbs help build your body up as well as they store extra energy that can be used later. 

#2 Drinking lots of water is key. Your body is composed of mainly water, so why shouldn’t you fill it with as much as possible? Drinking too much water can be harmful however if you have a bladder problem or any other health issues. Drinking water is very important for the growth of your muscle and both missed because it helps to keep everything in order. Not only is it good for biking up but it is also very good for other aspects of being healthy as well.

#3 Rest is probably the most under looked aspect of getting bulky. Making sure your body has enough rest is very important to getting bigger. Some people don’t know this fact because they believed everything revolves around weight lifting. The thing is if you lift too much that you can actually get smaller! If you don’t follow a proper diet and resting schedule scheduling your body to rest on time is very vital to becoming the bulkiest you can be.

#4 It goes without saying that lifting weights is key to gaining muscle mass. It seems the to go half go hand-in-hand if you lift more you will gain more. No pain no gain, as the saying goes.

#5 Proper training techniques are believed to be the most important for each individual athlete. Training consists of more of weight lifting when it comes to getting bulky. If you want to lose weight you eat less and do more cardio exercises which help to burn fat and other excess weight that you don’t want in order to keep your boat in this you must minimize cardio activity and increase weight lifting activity.

#6 Work out you biggest muscle groups is good to becoming bulky as well. Your legs, arms, chest and back should be the most focused parts of your body. If you make these four parts of your body as bulky as possible. Your entire body would look big that is because these are the four main parts of your body. Once you complete the task of lifting as much as you can with the four parts you will definitely be very bulky. If you start off lifting a hundred pounds and you’ve never lifted weight in your life you could easily double that amount by the time you have finished. Months may go by before you see your maximum potential but you will definitely see results within the first couple of weeks. It’s easy to make mistakes when you first start lifting, so Marty Stallone suggests seeking out experts and doing your research before you begin.

#7 Making sure you have different workout techniques is very vital to making sure that you get very bulky. Being bulky is easier if it was just doing the same thing every day. However, you must do different things to make sure every muscle is worked out. Staying in the gym at least every other day is very good to get bulky it’s not staying a long time as it is more of doing correct workouts to get bulky. They are many readily available resources like fitness magazines, that demonstrate techniques and ways to achieve this on your spare time. Marty Stallone recommends following directions intently to reach your maximum results. 

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