Drastic Life Changes Are Not Necessary for Big Fitness Gains

It seems that there are many who would like us to believe that attaining a new level of fitness is the hardest thing a person can do. Every piece of fitness advertising seems to be telling us, “Getting fit is nearly impossible. Don’t worry, though, we know of an easier way.” This may be a good way to get people to buy a package of 12 DVDs or to join a local gym, but the fact of the matter is getting fit does not require a keen understanding of human physiology nor does it require access to the latest training equipment.

Simple life changes are all that is required to adopt and then maintain and healthy lifestyle. The best way to achieve long-term fitness, according to Luke Weil, is to set goals that are measurable and attainable. It is not necessary to move to a fitness-friendly city or to hire a personal trainer to achieve a desired level of fitness.

Too many fitness plans fail because people want to see results as quickly as possible. In order to succeed in adopting a long-term fitness plan, think of the beginning stages as simply laying a foundation. Start slowly and build up the strength and endurance necessary for the more difficult activity that lies ahead. If the goal is to be able to run five miles, lay the foundation by walking for 20 minutes per day. If the goal is to adopt a weight-lifting routine, lay the foundation by starting with body-weight exercises.