Usha Rajagopal

5 Exercises To Do Before Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

Usha Rajagopal
Many mommies would find themselves dreaming of their pre-pregnancy figure. After all the stress and wearing out of their bodies, many of them wish to regain their confidence and beauty back by finally having a cosmetic procedure.

However, there are many considerations before going into any surgical procedure as an individual, and more especially as a mother. There are health concerns that are needed to be established, financial planning as well as consulting other people who are involved in the procedure.

Ready for a Mommy Makeover? Try Some Exercises First

According to Dr. Usha Rajagopal, a known cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco, “One way of preparing yourself for a physical makeover before a surgical procedure is doing a regular exercise routine.” What are the benefits of doing regular exercises before undergoing a cosmetic procedure?

1. Regulates blood flow

An important health requirement before going into any cosmetic procedure is the condition of the heart and blood flow. Usually, a patient with a weak heart or poor circulation will not be allowed to undergo surgery. So if you are somebody who has a family history of heart or circulatory conditions, having an appropriate exercise regimen will help reduce the possibilities of these problems you might encounter before the surgery. Make sure to consult your doctor before going into any exercise program.

2. Improves your muscular integrity

A good way to help improve the result of your mommy makeover is by doing an exercise regimen on your target body part. This is especially true if it is a fat reduction cosmetic procedure such as a tummy tuck or liposuction. By doing a targeted exercise, it will improve the muscle form and shape and will further enhance the appearance of that body part in the end results.

3. Maintaining overall fitness

It isn’t rocket science to understand how exercise improves a body’s overall fitness. Once you are physically fit to undergo surgery, this will help you maintain an active lifestyle. These habits will be reinforced even after the surgery, which will help you maintain your figure in the long run.

Here are some simple workouts you can do at home to help you prepare for your cosmetic procedure. Dr. Usha Rajagopal mentions, “Don’t forget to consult your doctor before considering any physical activity. All exercises may be inherently dangerous when not done properly or not recommended.”

5 Exercises To Do Before Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

1. Abdominal Crunches

Although it may be a struggle to some women, abdominal crunches are a way to strengthen your core muscles. If you are considering any abdominal fat reduction procedure such as a tummy tuck, it may be ideal to start with abdominal crunches as part of your workout routine. This is considered as a muscle strengthening exercise, so it is good to focus on different abdominal muscle groups. Here are several ways to do it:

  • Basic Crunch: This targets central abdominal muscles. Start by lying on your back, knees bent and both your arms behind your head. Crunch up by bringing your upper body using your abdominal muscles.
  • Oblique Crunch: This targets the oblique muscles or the side abdominal muscles. Do the same initial position as the basic crunch but prop yourself up leaning more towards the right or left side.
  • Reverse Crunch: This targets the lower belly or the commonplace for fat storage in the abdominals. It has the same initial position as the basic crunch, but lift your knees towards your chest and squeeze tight. This creates tension in the lower abdominal muscles.

2. Simple cardio routine

Another way to improve your cardiovascular strength and blood flow before the surgery is by incorporating several cardio workouts. You can pick any mild-moderate cardio workout of your choice such as jogging, running on a treadmill or doing aerobic activities such as jumping jacks, jump ropes, or running in place. If you are the type who easily gets bored, you can do fun aerobic activities such as Zumba, Cardio kickboxing or mixed martial arts.

3. Squats

Squats are a multifunctional workout routine you can add to your pre-surgery exercise list. Squats can target many body parts including the legs, thighs, butt and even the abdominals. Start by having your feet shoulder length apart and do slow and controlled squat movements. Do not make your knees exceed your toes to prevent injuries. You can experiment with different intensities such as speeding up your squats or holding some weights to challenge yourself as well.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are focused on the chest and arms area. If you are undergoing a procedure that involves arm fat reduction or breast augmentation, performing pushups are an ideal way to form a good shape in that area. As a beginner, you can start by performing push-ups with your knees down on the ground. As your arm strength improves, you can stop resting your knees and do the regular stance for push-ups.

Doing these workouts will not only help you prepare for your “mommy makeover”, but will also give you long-term health benefits.

Ask Bongo Shares 5 Simple Exercises To Stay Fit After 50

In our current society, staying fit and looking young is fancied by many and with this comes the urge to embrace a fitness program. Those in their fifties, like their younger counterparts, are also lacing up their sneakers to face the gym, but there are things they are not told quite often about the types of exercises they should embrace.

This is where the guidance of fitness experts like comes in handy to help them make the right choices. These experts highlight some of the exercises that people in their 50s should focus on because there have been cases of disc raptures arising from hardcore workouts that are not ideal for people in this age bracket.

1. Strength training

As one grows older, muscles shrink and thereby lose their ability to contract. This could be changed by focusing on strength training, which effectively regulates glucose metabolism and burns facts that could be accumulating to risky levels. To achieve this, exercises like pushups come in handy (for a beginner it is advisable to begin doing the pushups against a wall as it could prove challenging at first).

A resistance band also offers a perfect way to go about strength training, and most importantly one could use triceps and biceps extensions to achieve this. If you are looking to strengthen many muscles at the same time, you could do well with modified squats as well as lunges. Regardless of the exercise option you choose, you need to spare at least 24 hours between consequent training sessions to ensure your muscles bounce back, which prevents injuries.

2. Flexibility exercises

As a human being ages, the body loses flexibility and if this is left to go on unregulated one could have to deal with severe pain later. At 50 years or more, you need to consider including flexibility training in your exercise schedule. Flexibility exercises include regular stretching and this could be useful even when performed for as little as 10 minutes every day.

What you need to focus on is stretching the calf muscles and hamstrings and before you begin your day you could do some head circles to give your neck some good stretches. While in the shower, twist your hips to and your upper body gently ensuring you don’t introduce any pain.

3. Training for balance

Loss of balance is another problem adults aged 50 or more suffer and this is an issue that comes as a result of aging and the body getting exhausted with age. You could save yourself from falling or sustaining injuries due to accidents by performing balance exercises. This is simple as you only need yourself to do. You could train yourself by standing on one leg for about a minute then switching to the other, and this effectively strengthens your balancing system. Do this every day and you will improve your fitness within a short duration.

4. Cardio exercises

Again, not all cardio exercises are ideal for adults aged more than 50 years. If your objective is to get a full body workout, then cardio exercises are your perfect choice. Some of the recommended exercises you could embrace include swimming, walking, biking and running. You don’t need an hour to do this as 10 minutes seriously conducted will give you good results if you stick to your routine. These exercises must be performed moderately as the body at this age does not need heavy exercises that could lead to injuries.

5. Exercises for upper torso

It’s often common to see people get rid of abs as they grow older, and this leads to a bad back. Failure to support the torso could deteriorate your health and so you need to also focus on exercises that help you build a stronger upper torso. Abdominal exercises performed for few minutes will give the best results.

The suggestions you have in this case include reverse curl whereby you pull your knees towards your body while lying on your back. You can hold on for several minutes before releasing. Also don’t do full sit-ups as they could do some harm. It is advisable to rather do crunches where you only position your back against the floor then move up gently without making a right angle.

Do you need more exercises to stay fit after 50? If so, Ask Bongo? With Ask Bongo, you ask a question and it will provide you with a variety of exercises that you can do.

How Your Dental Health Affects Your Health And Fitness Goals

Did you know that your dental health can have very widespread affects on your body and mind as a whole system? Hopefully, you are starting to realize that exercise and eating healthy food can transform your body and the way that you feel through out the day. With all of this concentration on the exercises we perform, and the food we eat, dental health can be left by the way-side.

You may be doing the absolute minimum dental care possible, or even practicing dental habits that can harm your body and stop you from reaching your health goals. Here are four ways that dental health connects to the health of your body and mind, as well as quick fixes that can help you up-level your health through caring for your teeth properly.

1. Bacteria Travels

Bacteria in the mouth can become a problem for your health. If certain kinds of bacteria increase in numbers, and create gum disease, this can lead to infection in other parts of the body including your heart. Chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease have been linked to gum disease. To control the bacteria in your mouth, you need to brush your teeth correctly at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day. Regular trips to the dentist are vital. Don’t let bacterial infections spread through your body and impede your health goals.

2. Confidence In You

A healthy smile leads to increased self confidence. We all know that when we feel our best, we are better able to tackle our big, audacious health goals, such as running a marathon, crushing a cross-fit class, or dropping that last ten pounds. Even if your health goals are more modest, like walking three times a week, you need to feel energized and motivated to make your goal a reality. When you have a bright, beautiful smile you have a better self-image, and that boosts your motivation to go after your goals.

3. Cut Out Bad Habits

Having good dental health means saying no to cigarettes and chewing tobacco. This affects the rest of your body as well — not just your oral cavity. When you say no to these bad habits, you save your gums, tongue, and the tissue on your inner cheeks all of the stress and strain of introducing a carcinogen to the environment. The carcinogens which are present in cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco lower your immune system, and lead to increased risks of cancer. They can also decrease your ability to perform physically demanding tasks, such as training. In the short term, you might feel like the tobacco gives you energy or helps you avoid over eating, but these short term “benefits” are actually silencing your bodies natural instincts, and cause a great deal of damage. If you are addicted to tobacco, work with a health care provider to make a plan that will help you get free of this addiction. Your dental health will improve, as will the health of your body and mind.

4. Whitening Your Smile

Do you think of a white smile as just an aesthetic quality? It is actually much more than that. Keeping your smile white can help you develop discipline and health in all areas of your life. When you focus on reaching a goal, like having a white smile, it means that you are caring for the body that you are living in. Treating your body with love and attention has widespread health benefits. You are less likely to over eat, for example, when you are focused on keeping your body in peak condition. Experts such as Karl Jobst Grove OK dentist and oral hygiene specialist have reported that coffee and red wine can stain tooth enamel. When you see these direct links between what you put into your body, and how your body looks, you find that your choices really matter. This is a powerful lesson to learn.

Changing your relationship to your oral hygiene leads to a transformation in how you treat your body as a whole. When you focus on developing good dental health habits, you will find that the health of your body and mind tends to increase as well. If you focus only on your physical training and eating habits, yet ignore your oral health, you will be missing out on many health benefits, and you may be even causing blockages to peak health.

Merits of Strategic Planning And How Small Businesses Can Boost Growth

It’s common misconception that strategic planning is solely meant for established companies, but in the wake of events showing that small businesses are among enterprises that need to plan ahead more, reality has rung in the minds of many entrepreneurs that they need to stay awake on the things that could help them run their businesses better. Virtually all types of businesses can benefit from strategic planning and the only thing they require is to ensure proper implementation of the ideas. If you have not come up with a strategic plan for your small business yet, here are some of the benefits you might be missing that could boost your business to grow.

Minimizing risk

One of the reasons every entrepreneur should make it a priority to have a strategic plan is to minimize risks. In business, risks are the worst way to lose and when they hit some are too severe that the business is sent to its deathbed. Therefore, you should not wait until this is the case facing you as you could prevent a lot of damage by just having a good strategic plan that outlines the various security measures you should fall back to in the event of uncertainties. With a strategic plan that opens your eyes to the future, you are ignited to do more and explore the path of growth. It’s a perfect way to push your business to perform better in a competitive and uncertain market.

Make your plans a reality

Through strategic planning, you are able to define your problems and the possible solutions you have within reach. This way, you can come up with a shielding mechanism that ensures that your business deals with all its problems within a set timeline. It is more like implementing a blueprint because every aspect of the business and its future is captured clearly in the plan.

In fact, strategic planning is about the future and its focus is making the enterprise better, so you will have more assurance of a growth in near future when you come up with a good strategic plan. You could decide to draft the plan or if you are not equipped with the right information it would be more accurate to hire an expert to undertake the role on your behalf. It’s a way of preparing for huge takeoff and with this coming into reality your dreams will as well come to be.

Assess opportunities, strengths

Any business that aspires to achieve growth has to be cognizant of its environment and from that connection should come up with a solid plan that can help to cement its position. The business ecosystem is liquid and things shift swiftly without notice, so lack of a mitigation plan could send the business into a crisis. A strategic plan spells out all possible occurrences and captures any available opportunities that can be pursued to the advantage of the business. You can understand the strengths of your business by assessing its position in the market.

Make better decisions

Experts like Krishen Iyer have noted that when you have a laid out plan you are motivated to follow the right choices, and this is something that in the long run benefits your business. You need to be accurate in whatever decisions you take for your business as there is great risk in pursuing decisions you are not confident will bear any fruits. To effectively do this, all you need is to research about your niche and business to come up with a plan that is relevant and actionable. It makes everything easier especially when working with a team of employees.

Legal Help For Athletes Pushing Their Limits


Anyone who is completely engaged in the current fitness world will understand the talk surrounding the notion of pushing oneself to extreme boundaries in order to achieve fitness goals. This includes daily running regimens, dietary restrictions that put organizations like Weight Watchers to shame, and workout routines that are no less than extraordinary.

The truth is, there are only a few guiding principles that separate weekend athletes from those who are truly dedicated to achieving the highest ranks in their sport. This separation is centered on certain principles that always create a chasm between casual training, and bringing the body to the edge. The edge is where individuals discover their physical and mental limits. It’s also where they cross these limits and learn to train in a new plain of exclusiveness and prioritization.

The basic separation between everyday athletes and those who achieve extraordinary results is injury prevention. Exceptional athletes in any sport will push their limits to the extreme. The utmost in athletic performance is creating a situation where the body undergoes muscular and tissue injury if it goes beyond a training threshold. This is the definition of true progressive resistance and boundary crossing. Anything less than a performance level close to fatigue-based injury can be considered sub-standard in the realm of world class athletic performance.

This holds true for all Olympic-style events and personal training endeavors like bodybuilding. The main goal is to stress muscle fibers at a point where they will be prompted to grow and respond better to stimulus. As an athlete progresses in his or her discipline, muscles and body tissue will resist change. The key in transforming body composition and tissue performance is pushing them to the edge in a literal fashion.

Many people learn to achieve this type of training level in their pursuit of performance in a favorite sport, or in traditional types of bodybuilding activities. Exceptionally gifted individuals will be able to push their bodies to performance levels that are beneficial but also have the potential to cause injury. Tampa injury attorneys who are experienced in dealing with athlete injuries are extremely beneficial when working with medical claims and other types of legal proceedings.

In you are injured while performing athletic training exercises in a formal setting, there are concrete avenues to explore in dealing with associated medical obligations. The correct way to train for extreme athletic events pushes the envelope of safety and precaution. When an injury occurs, there should be a plan in place to deal with medical treatments necessary for complete recovery. There are legal resources in Tampa that can make sports and training injuries easy to overcome.

Marty Stallone Shares 7 Tips for to Bulk Up During Football Offseason

Marty Stallone is a leader in the workout industry. Below, he shares his seven best tips on how to bulk up during the football offseason.

#1 Eating carbs and proteins are very important to becoming fit for football season. The high importance of protein is that it gives your body the valuable amino acids to create muscle. Muscle is very important for the game of football as everyone knows. You must be very strong in order to play if you want to be successful. Carbs help build your body up as well as they store extra energy that can be used later. 

#2 Drinking lots of water is key. Your body is composed of mainly water, so why shouldn’t you fill it with as much as possible? Drinking too much water can be harmful however if you have a bladder problem or any other health issues. Drinking water is very important for the growth of your muscle and both missed because it helps to keep everything in order. Not only is it good for biking up but it is also very good for other aspects of being healthy as well.

#3 Rest is probably the most under looked aspect of getting bulky. Making sure your body has enough rest is very important to getting bigger. Some people don’t know this fact because they believed everything revolves around weight lifting. The thing is if you lift too much that you can actually get smaller! If you don’t follow a proper diet and resting schedule scheduling your body to rest on time is very vital to becoming the bulkiest you can be.

#4 It goes without saying that lifting weights is key to gaining muscle mass. It seems the to go half go hand-in-hand if you lift more you will gain more. No pain no gain, as the saying goes.

#5 Proper training techniques are believed to be the most important for each individual athlete. Training consists of more of weight lifting when it comes to getting bulky. If you want to lose weight you eat less and do more cardio exercises which help to burn fat and other excess weight that you don’t want in order to keep your boat in this you must minimize cardio activity and increase weight lifting activity.

#6 Work out you biggest muscle groups is good to becoming bulky as well. Your legs, arms, chest and back should be the most focused parts of your body. If you make these four parts of your body as bulky as possible. Your entire body would look big that is because these are the four main parts of your body. Once you complete the task of lifting as much as you can with the four parts you will definitely be very bulky. If you start off lifting a hundred pounds and you’ve never lifted weight in your life you could easily double that amount by the time you have finished. Months may go by before you see your maximum potential but you will definitely see results within the first couple of weeks. It’s easy to make mistakes when you first start lifting, so Marty Stallone suggests seeking out experts and doing your research before you begin.

#7 Making sure you have different workout techniques is very vital to making sure that you get very bulky. Being bulky is easier if it was just doing the same thing every day. However, you must do different things to make sure every muscle is worked out. Staying in the gym at least every other day is very good to get bulky it’s not staying a long time as it is more of doing correct workouts to get bulky. They are many readily available resources like fitness magazines, that demonstrate techniques and ways to achieve this on your spare time. Marty Stallone recommends following directions intently to reach your maximum results. 

Dr. Raouf Farag Encourages Mother with Three Simple Tips for Creating the Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan

My husband and I are both extremely competitive individuals, and we are both very serious about running and have been since before we even knew each other. In fact, the first time we met was at a local road race, and we have since taken several vacations simply for the opportunity to race together in an unfamiliar place. So while I was incredibly overjoyed when we learned that I was pregnant with our first son, I also wondered how I would be able to maintain the level of fitness I had worked so hard to achieve.

Dr Raouf Farag Pregnant WorkoutFortunately, my doctor, Dr. Raouf Farag, was able to reassure me that I would be able to continue running throughout my pregnancy and that an appropriately designed fitness program would be beneficial for a number of reasons. This was exciting news, but he also told me that I would have to make several adjustments during my pregnancy and would also need to replace some of my running with low-impact exercise. Drawing on my experience from that first pregnancy along with two others, I feel that the following tips can help any mother-to-be stay active and healthy throughout the duration of her pregnancy.

Adjust Your Goals Appropriately

I was very fortunate that Dr. Farag took the time to get to know me well, as he recognized that my competitiveness might drive me to push myself harder than I should. In discussing my plans, he emphasized just how critical it was to adjust my fitness goals and to focus on the activity rather than on the outcome. Based on his advice, I stopped timing my runs altogether and included more and more low-impact activity as my pregnancy progressed. The doctor also indicated that regular exercise would reduce the likelihood of developing an achy back while also helping me relieve stress and fatigue.

Focus on Rest

My doctor also emphasized that it would likely take longer for me to recover from each bout of exercise during my pregnancy, so I had to be especially vigilant about rest and recovery at all times. As I began to require more and moretime to completely bounce back after a workout, I increasingly focused on low-impact exercise (I did a lot of running in the pool) and ultimately reduced the frequency of my workouts. I definitely didn’t get faster during any of my pregnancies, but I was able to return to my previous level of fitness with relative ease after the birth of each one of my kids.

Make Sure Your Doctor Is Involved and Updated

The best thing I ever did was to talk to my doctor as often as possible throughout each one of my pregnancies. I asked questions about every last detail and made sure that he was aware of everything I had planned so that he could offer his input whenever necessary. Together we made sure my fitness plan was sound and was appropriately modified according to the needs of my pregnancy.

Fitness Education Programs Critical for Ensuring Best Strength and Conditioning Outcomes

When discussing the various strategies for getting a greater portion of the population to consistently engage in a fitness program, motivation is one of the most commonly cited subjects. While the goal of most of these efforts is to motivate people to begin a fitness program of some kind, this strategy may overlook the real reason why many people are having difficulty improving their health and wellness.

Groza learning center_fitnessTo paraphrase a philosophy preached by The Groza Learning Center, a greater degree of focus on education regarding effective strength and conditioning strategies is needed to stimulate truly lasting change. Most people want to become healthier and therefore do not lack the motivation to begin a program aimed at improving their overall health and wellness. Instead, the issue is the loss of motivation that occurs when they do not see results commensurate to their efforts and sacrifices.

This is often due to inefficiencies in the manner in which the program is followed as well as a lack of understanding regarding the habits that may undermine the impact of a strength and conditioning program.In the majority of these efforts, the goal is simply oriented around increasing activity levels. This seems easy enough, but this goal overlooks the fact that people have a difficult time accurately estimating their daily caloric intake and, on workout days, they routinely ingest far more calories than they burned during training.

This happens with elite athletes as well, which is why elite athletes are educated on healthy eating habits in addition to the many common issues that may derail a program. If widespread change is to be achieved, the public must not only be encouraged to improve their health and wellness; they must also be educated on the best strategies for doing so

How To Train for Strength in Rugby by John Pryor

Rugby is an amazing game that requires both skill and strength. If you want to improve at Rugby, you have to work on both. If you don’t implement a proper strength training routine, you will be defeated by the players who do. In addition to losing games, you also risk getting hurt and injured.

However, if you have a good strength training routine with John Pryor, you will increase and optimize your odds of winning each game. While you cannot eliminate the risk of injury, proper training can reduce the risk dramatically. Proper training will make playing Rugby more fun and enjoyable.


rugby drills
You need to set a routine and stick to it. Without a strict routine, it is easy to put off your training sessions. When you put off your training sessions, you start to skip workouts. It will start with a few missed workouts every once in a while, but it will progress. Soon, you will not be training at all.

We all live busy lives, so make sure to schedule your training sessions on days and at times you know you will be able to do it. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses. Unless there is an emergency, do not miss your training sessions. Every time you skip a session, you reinforce the idea that skipping your training is not a big deal. If you want to get good at Rugby, you have to be dedicated.

You should train at least three or four days a week if you can. Five days a week would be ideal, but it is not always realistic. You have to make the most of your time. The more important Ruby is to you, the more time you will find to train and improve. The players who win on the field are usually the ones who want it the most.

Weight Training

weight training
It is important to implement a proper weight lifting plan. If you don’t lift weights properly, you will not get the best results. You will be wasting your time and energy. A poor weight lifting plan will not give you results or allow you to progress. You will be stuck where you are, and you will be unable to improve. However, a proper weight lifting plan will make the most of your time and effort. You will make progress and notice improvements.

You want to start with 70% of your one repetition max. Lift as fast as you can. When you lift fast, your muscles have to work harder. As a result, they will grow faster. Increase the weight by 5% of your one reputation max after each set until you reach 90% of your one reputation max.


rugby cardio
When it comes to Rugby, cardio is just as important as strength training. Without cardio training, you will not have the stamina or endurance needed to dominate the field. You will feel out of breath and not be able to outrun your opponents. However, cardio training will prevent this. With cardio training, you will be able to increase your stamina and outrun the other the team.

You can use running, jogging or swimming to build cardio. It is important to work on cardio on a regular basis. With cardio training, push yourself and don’t stop at the first sign of discomfort. The more you push yourself, the faster your cardio will improve.

Focus on Building a Base for Long-Term Strength Gains

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is loaded with misconceptions that are readily accepted as fact, with those taken in by these misconceptions perpetuating them without even realizing what they are doing. Of all the mistakes made in the beginning of a strength training program, failing to build an appropriate base is one of the most common and one of the most likely to continue to go unnoticed. As with many things, a balanced approach ensures that lasting, long-term fitness gains are achieved for the benefit of the individual’s overall health and wellness.

It is quite common that those new to strength training will naturally gravitate to the exercises that focus on the so-called “vanity” muscles, and many others will attempt to take on the routine of someone who has been training for quite some time and has already properly built their base. Ken Fisher would surely point out that it is not always wise to simply adopt a strategy because it worked for someone else, as it is almost always more ideal to create a strategy based on the specific needs of the individual.

In strength training, beginners have to recognize their areas of weakness and build up base strength before moving on to the more complex movements featured in advanced training programs. The best way to do this is to focus on exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups through full-body movements. The classics are often the best place to begin, as pushups, pull-ups, squats and deadlifts all encourage base strength and recruit a number of important complementary muscle groups in the process. Once this base level is built up and strength gains are readily apparent, then it may be appropriate to incorporate strength training exercises that isolate specific muscle groups.